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The name "Graphic Design" was first coined by William Dwiggins in 1922, a relative and historically short time ago but its roots can actually be traced back to Ancient Times. From the Trajan Column in Rome to the caves of Lascaux, examples of graphic design can be found everywhere on Earth. Humankind's need to have some form of visual communication has literally been with us since the dawn of modern man.

Visual Identity can be traced back 7000 years ago when potters of Transylvania inscribed their personal marks on earthenware they created. These marks not only served to personalize the products they appeared on, they were placed there with pride of ownership and to show the consumer of the day that their pottery had quality.

Branding or Brand Identity comes from the word "Brand" derived from the Old Norse meaning "to burn". Producers of products and livestock would literally burn their marks with hot irons to show ownership and to set themselves apart from others. The process of Brand Image Advertising was created by David Ogilvy in the late 1950's.

Studio Z Graphic Design aims to be a reflection of all the past graphic designers who have left their mark on society and all of humankind.

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Studio Z Graphic Design is hoping to and looking forward to working with you on all of your graphic needs. Our goal and ultimate responsibility as it pertains to image design is to make sure you are perceived by the world in the most appropriate manner possible and we will work tirelessly to insure we meet your objectives.

We specialize in visual identity and logo development. Visual identity can encompass a broad range of concepts and ideas in the graphic design world and we are committed to the following areas of expertise: Logo design, including trademarks, word marks, symbols and character mascots, Business stationary and forms, print advertising art and illustration, WEB design, architectural and environmental signage with applications for both interior and exterior. Other areas of interest are POP displays, trade show exhibits and interior retail display design. Speciality cards, labels, tags and package design along with announcement banners and sale fliers.

Studio Z Graphic Design opened its doors for business in January of 2011 and it is our hope and ambition to be worthy enough to retain your business that will allow us to grow and remain a viable source for your important graphic needs. Please give us the opportunity to deliver the highest quality graphic design service to you and your company.