Caricatures & Mascots

TM BarnsTackStar Man

These playful graphics at first site are welcoming and light hearted but upon closer examination, you'll find them powerful communication tools that can help you in many unique ways. Our caricatures and company mascots can be utilized to train and teach, to sell products and services and to represent your company or institution in a meaningful way. They can be animated to deliver messages that are sometimes difficult or costly to do and best of all, they can be affordable through Studio Z Graphic Design. The process when ordering your very own mascot is simple... Give us as much information as possible about your company or event and we will develop a unique image customized to your needs. That's it!

In figure #1 we utilize the combination of a circular design format and placed TM Barnes, a contractor right smack dab in the middle. His saw and hammer help to identify the type of business and break the circle's edge just for additional visual interest.

Figure #2 shows a typical salesman type in a welcoming pose of demonstration to perhaps show off a brand new product or idea. He is professional and dressed for the role.


Figure #3 Star Man is obviously into music, could be Rhythm & Blues or Hard Rock but one thing is certain, he's about music. This type of image could be put to actual animation with audio with outstanding results.

Our Gorilla as shown in Figure #4 above is friendly and a little laid back. The kind of gorilla you might want to associate with. He, like the others is just another example of the many ways of utilizing a caricature or mascot for your company's image.

Remember: Logo design is the first step in the development of your Identity.
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