3-Dimensional Logos

Twinsburg TournamentYing and YangBending/Warping

Three dimensional designing of logos is a great way to separate yourself from your competition. We can deliver a special uniqueness utilizing this design approach. These logos can be achieved through the use of initials, symbols and pictograms, photographs or words themselves.

In figure #1 we utilize the combination of a symbol (Golf Tee), a pictogram (Golf Ball) and the initial "T"s which represent Twinsburg Tournament. The letter "I" doubles as a letter and a golf tee. The green and white colors represent a golfball and a putting green.

Figure #2 logo utilizes the familiar ying and yang symbol with the dimensional quailty that separates it from other similar logos. The heavy black oval border and stylized lower case letter "F" along with a shadow effect and metallic colors add another layer of individuality.

Figure #3 utilizes a bending/warping application to create its individuality. The illusion of this image is a stainless steel metal band that has to be cut to the design shape and formed to join two letters together. The lower case letters "a" and "d" are the initials of the company name.

Medi-Corp, Inc.

Logos can be adjusted to serve many functions as is the case with the Medi-Corp logo above in Figure #4. Besides it functioning as the primary identity of the company, it also serves as an advertising device by its use of the service band which states what the company does along with the phone number. This one design element allows the viewer to have instant name recognition, become aware of what the company specializes in and a method for contacting them immediately.

Remember: Logo design is the first step in the development of your identity.
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